Children's Author

S  Jeanne


Julie is an excellent tutor for my daughter. Now, during this quarantine, it is imperative for my daughter to continue to receive a quality education. Julie is an excellent educator. I would highly recommend her tutoring to anyone.

Tanna  M.

Julie is an amazing tutor. She worked with both of my boys who are 10 and 11 years old. As most know, boys can be quite a challenge to work with. She is very creative in how she teaches which keeps my boys attention and helps them comprehend it using real life situations. My youngest is dyslexic and teaching him takes great patience as he struggles with his reading and writing. Julie Is an excellent teacher and I feel blessed to have her helping my boys.

Miss Julie knows how to engage her remote students! My 7 and 9 year old girls loved this class. They especially enjoyed the drawing time. My girls love animals and they loved learning about animal habitats with Miss Julie. Miss Julie took time to ask all the children questions and get them talking and thinking. I wish we would have had Miss Julie months ago during our remote learning this spring. A professional.

Lisa L.on Jul 29

This class was excellent. Miss Julie engaged with my daughter as well as the other students on individual levels. Her energy and enthusiasm while teaching kept my daughter wanting to learn more. The class went even longer because the children were enjoying their time and had more questions regarding habitats. We will definitely be signing up for more classes with Miss Julie.

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